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From the excavation

Pictures by © Tony Boxall from early days when only the bath-house end of the dig was open.

David, Alan and Beryl A team of volunteers at the bath-house site
The hypocaust in the bath-house General view of the site (looking north)
Wall plaster finds Pottery finds
Excavation in progress Rest and recuperation!

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From the excavation

Some pictures taken off video of the dig in 1991.  The full video is 700MB (0.7GB) and can be downloaded HERE.

David's introduction to new diggers Vicky planning
Under starter's orders Maisie hard at it - two buckets at once
Richard at the start of the cellar dig Beryl at the finds tent
The bath-house area Julian's reconstruction made of plastic tesserae
The 'permanent' museum Displays in the museum
David deciding on the next steps Jenny in the environmental laboratory

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From the annual dinner of the Friends: 2007

The main guests were Erica and Vincent Utsi who gave a presentation on the development of ground-penetrating radar (GPR).

Vicky, David and Michael Beryl and Alan
Erica, Maisie, Geoff, Tony and Gay Vincent
Below are two short video clips that can be downloaded and played on most computers.  Quality is poor so as to save time downloading.
David making announcement about Charlie Vincent setting up the talk

May 19th 2007

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What we did for the Romans (2008)

The video below is available if you have Flash installed on your computer.

You probably do not have the Flash Player installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on the server!

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From the annual dinner of the Friends: 2010

The nineteenth and final dinner of the Friends was arranged by Vicky Wilson and held at North Nibley as in the past.  Thirty-six sat down for the meal making it one of the best attended annual dinners.  David Wilson gave the keynote presentation rounding up a series of excavations in which various Friends had taken part.  These ranged from Cheshire to Gloucestershire and covered a number of moated sites and burial mounds as well as some rarely seen pictures from Wortley.

Nibley House Jenny, David and Vicky with Diane Eley behind
Geoff and Maisie Friends
Friends Friends

May 15th 2010

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